1. Ian Gross

    this strain is excellent for insomnia, with the powerful punch that’s going to hit you hard and fast. one of my favorites! it even grows great outdoors, i got my final bus stop weed shop

    Dogwalker OG strainDogwalker OG strain

  2. Pasqualino Patti

    I have severe panic… As you can tell. Finding strains that won’t send me into a full out panic attack is quite the task. I am trying to taper off my xanax onto a strain that will help me during a panic attack. So I won’t know for sure until I am completely off the benzo’s, but this is at the top of my list

    Blue KinghtBlue Kinght

  3. Beverly James

    this is very potent and I am a new smoker. Over Thanksgiving break I stopped for a week and now my tolerance is back at day one. This feels a little bit psychedelic. Like, a baby drop of acid. Like, I feel pretty awesome. You guys are laughing at this post aren’t you

    Northern Lights strainNorthern Lights strain

  4. Evan Becker

    This is the bud you smoke when you need to convert your friends to stonerism. It gives you an unforgettable high with all the right features, euphoria, giggles, laziness, munchies, and some pain relief too. I urge ALL novice smokers and first-timers to try this strain, it will turn you into a stoner for life. Extremely peaceful high – quite the opposite of its name.

    AK 47 MarijuanaAK 47 Marijuana

  5. Simonetta Manzoni

    Strong and relaxing. Only downsides were super red eyes and crazy nightmares when I smoked close to bedtime.

    Blue KinghtBlue Kinght